Historical Bulletin - September 1956

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[Picture of Covered Wagon and Man with Weapon] President Don M. Case
    441 E. St., Crescent City
Secy. Emily Stobbe
  1150 Huntington st.
    Crescent City, Calif.
Vice-Pres. Thelma McVay
  Smith River, Calif.
Treas. A. F. Van Deventer
  Fort Dick, Calif.


Visitors Throng Lighthouse

Over 811 visitors to the Light House Museum are reported by R.W. Whittinghill, Curator, May 1 to September 22, inclusive. They came from 22 states and 2 foreign countries, with 604 of this total coming from California.

"Whit" says, "It might be of interest to know the "Hooper Rating" reflecting enthusiasm over the things to be seen here. My observation would place the first ten as follows: (1) picturesque setting and vistas, (2) light tower with view, (3) the tower with its winding stairway, (4) the old lantern, (5) the building—its structural details, (6) wall thickness, age, and condition, (7) seals on the rock, (8) early day pictures, (9) marine life collection, (10) bedrooms and bathroom.

Registration of visitors by states:
Arkansas 8 Nebraska 11
Colorado 5 Nevada 4
Florida 2 New Jersey 1
Idaho 6 North Dakota 1
Illinois 7 Ohio 6
Indiana 3 Oklahoma 2
Iowa 5 Oregon 97
Massachusetts 1 Texas 4
Minnesota 1 Washington 32
Missouri 1 Wisconsin 2
Wyoming 2    
California and "not designated" 604
Australia 1 British Columbia 2

Contributions have totaled approximately $34.

Mr. Whittinghill now is working on a tide chart for the winter months. It will be posted near the approach to the Light House and you will get one in the mail. Use it and share in the isolated beauty of Crescent City’s beloved Light House.


The Del Norte Historical Society will meet Thursday, Oct. 4 at 6:30 p.m. at the Federated Church Social Hall for a potluck supper. Come, and bring a friend.


This past summer has been a gratifying one because of the opening and successful operation of the Light House Museum by the Society and our Curator, R.W. Whittinghill. “Whit” has made many friends for the Society as well as himself by his pleasant and gracious manner, his wit, and his evident desire to show to visitors everything of interest. His own convenience as to mealtime, or the foregoing of a time to go to the mainland to shop, has always been secondary to meeting and pleasing the public. Thank you, “Whit.”


A word of thanks to those who worked on the County Fair Exhibit—Ernest L. Cassel, Ruby and A.F. Van Deventer. Many days of work went in to making the huge map depicting the old trails and stage roads. Also on display were relics of by-gone days which were found interesting by everyone.


The Fifth Annual Symposium of the Historical Societies of Northern California and Southern Oregon will meet at Sonoma Calif., Oct.12, 13, 14, at Mission Inn. This could be a fine opportunity to meet Mr. Harold Schutt, newly elected president of the Conference of California Historical Societies. We do not yet have anyone to represent us at this Symposium. Your president will be unable to attend

Can you go? Can you combine this with a trip that you have other reasons to make? Let us know if you can so you may have proper credentials.

Transcription of Back

Don’t Throw it Away!

History tells us that the largest and most successful enterprises have always started in a small way. That is what we hope for this small beginning of the Del Norte County Historical Society.

There is a great deal we can do as working members of our Society before we have a permanent use. As historians we must have vision. We must be able to see what of the present will have historical value to historians of 2050 A.D. We can observe this in today’s publications of past events.

In these days of moving into smaller homes, there is a great urge to throw away things that have accumulated through the years. And of course that is necessary, but before destroying the things you have. We urge you to give them to the Historical Society to determine if they should be kept.

Wanted! Wanted!

  1. Early diaries, account books, hotel registers, letters and documents of political, literary, historical nature. If not obtainable for the Society, permission to copy the diaries or to make a list giving owner, location and a brief description.
  2. Names, locations, and histories of cemeteries and solitary early graves; of historic buildings; of churches; of saw mills; breweries and distilleries; business plants; of old bridges; of early roads and trails; of social and fraternal bodies, including lists of members. Records of major land transactions—sales or colonization.
  3. Biographical and genealogical data on pioneers and their descendants—forms will be sent on request. If possible, accompany them with photographs.
  4. Scrapbooks of historical material, early newspapers—clippings if dated and identified by name of paper.
  5. Photographs of people and places, identified, and if possible, dated.
  6. Maps, old paintings and lithographs of California places and people.
  7. The collection of information concerning early churches, schools, theaters, and clubs.
  8. Papers and biographies of pioneer families: Bible records.
  9. Information on colonies or group settlers.
  10. Information on the Indians—history of tribe, location, their arts, basketry, the herb doctors.
  11. Data on the fishing fleet of Crescent City, old and new. Information on ships, old and new; pictures of ships.
  12. The collection of maps and plats of old insurance companies.
  13. The collection of local directories, county histories, pamphlets, publications of the local Chamber of Commerce.
  14. The collections of minerals of Del Norte County.
  15. Clipping and publications relating to the mining industry, old and new.

What Lies Ahead?

Toward what activities and achievements should we turn our energies in the coming months? Your President urges you to give thought to this question, and to share your ideas. The following suggestions are being considered:

  1. Suitable observance of the centennial of the Light House, the centennial date being December 1956.
  2. Further equipping and developing the museums with old and suitable furniture of the period 1870-1900; display material of historic interest; additional Del Norte and Klamath River and Smith River Indians articles; displays showing the significance of industries of the County’s mining lumbering, fishing and dairying—both in years past and today.
  3. A movement to have the Brother Jonathon Cemetery made presentable, now that the State has placed highway signs directing the public to the cemetery. This is obviously not the responsibility of the Society, but it must be done.
  4. Publication of leaflets on the Brother Jonathon tragedy and on the Light House, or perhaps on both the lighthouses of Del Norte County.
  5. Placing plaques on our most historic places and sites in Del Norte County, in addition to those the State will assume responsibility of placing. For instance the Childs Building (Moosehall) is apparently the oldest existing building in Crescent City, for it was in a picture of Crescent City done in 1857, and is known to have housed a theatre in which the Lotta Crabtree company played in that year.
  6. Furnishing materials and pictures to travel editors of metropolitan papers, calling attention to places of historical interest.
  7. Encourage donations to the Society’s archive of papers, magazines, letters, diaries, business records, maps, plats, etc. etc. Telephone directories and voters registers should be in our files, at least for various representative years.